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In December 2017, the final payment on the Construction Bond was paid in full through the collection of sewer assessments on your properties and a debt service fee component on your quarterly bill. 

Beginning January 2018, the Debt Service fee was removed from your bill and a Repair and Replacement fee is now being collected for the rehabilitation and replacement of system components that are beginning to breakdown after 20 years.

The Indian/Pickerel system was built in 1997, and up until now, we have been able to maintain and operate the system as needed.  However, as the system ages, larger components of the system need to be assessed and evaluated for rehabilitation and replacement.

Over the next 2-3 years, the Authority, together with it's engineers Wightman & Associates Inc., is developing an "asset management plan" that will determine when and what components will be rehabilitated and replaced.  The fee is being set aside for these future costs.